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About Us

We started with just a Facebook group, now we're migrating to our own creative learning space. Handmade in Norway HQ is filling up with exciting creative and small business courses. And you're invited to come and join us!

Why You Should Join?

We believe that creativity was meant for sharing, and that it is an amazing way to bring people together. We can inspire each other, support each other and learn from each other. That is what is at the very core of Handmade in Norway, and this is why our Founder, Kelly Palencia, set the wheels in motion to bring creatives together.

Our goal is to offer a supportive learning platform where creatives teach creatives. We have so much room to grow, and we're going to do it together!

Our memberships reflect the various needs of our creative audience, and we're confident that you will find one that is the perfect fit for you. Whether you want to be sociable, or learn, or whether you want to teach and meet our large, engage audience... There is a place for everyone here at Handmade in Norway HQ.

A Big Thanks

We are so grateful to each and every person that chooses to join our community. It's a pleasure to be in a situation where we can build with real purpose, creating something special and truly unique. Bringing creatives together and sharing knowledge, supporting makers on their path to starting a business, and facilitating skill sharing and teaching is a dream come true. By joining one of our paid membership schemes you are not only joining a vibrant community, you are also supporting us so that we may continue. 

Kindest Regards

Kelly x

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